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Frontend & WordPress Developer

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Hi! I'm 27 years old WordPress and Front-End developer. I have 6 years professional work and my experience is divided on frontend and backend development.

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Adziner - WordPress Ads Manager Plugin

Create and track your ads. Analize engagement and sell ad zones.

Talkersi SMS Course

Create and manage English SMS Course via Web Application

Olivia Business Centre Website

Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious and vivid business park located at the very heart of the Gdansk metropolitan area, immediately adjacent to the University of Gdansk.


eBlackFriday is an initiative linking shopping online with promotions. Created on WordPress and jQuery with email notification


MaturaToBzdura.TV is big Polish YouTube channel. Most important was optimize WP Theme (increase loading speed) and create some personal features like snapchat, video, youtube connection etc.

Blog Freedom Nieruchomości

Theme customization, WordPress security and translation (Polish grammatical cases and fonts)


Added responsiveness (mobile, tablet). CSS moved to SCSS files and created minification.

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